here are some links you will find of interest

Artisan's Collective
Showroom for Dallas area artists and artisans

Oak Cliff Artisans
Dallas area artists and artisans

News, Views & Reviews of Dallas Visual Art
Dallas area artists

Painting, printmaking, furniture and photography

The Magic of Art, Art Resources

Art Gallery and Studio of Rudolf Stalder

The Impressed Image
A private print collectors site with a wide range of very fine prints

Rembrandt Graphic Arts
Complete supplier of printmaking supplies, Rosemont, N.J., USA

Search a database of over 7500 great artists

Polymetaal Graphic Artist Gallery
Display of printmakers' work from around the world
Site dedicated to monoprints, monotypes and related works of art
David Bull's world of woodblock prints

The Baren Forum
All about woodcuts, displays of artists woodblock prints from around the world

T. N. Lawrence
Art and printmaking supplies, England

online gallery

The Printmaking Studio
woodcuts by Maria Arango

cyber art gallery Eindhoven


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